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What's the purpose of this site?
This Site is used to list all Figures related to Movies, TV Series, Comics and Video Games. Plush, Dolls and Remote Control Vehicles are no allowed on the Site.
Who made this site?
This site is the result of the cooperative work of several people and is managed by benevolents administrators.
How can I participate?
You only have to be a member.
How much does the membership cost?
It is absolutely free.
How do I add a Figure or Vehicle/Diorama?
You only have to click on "Add a Figure" or "Add a Vehicle/Diorama" from a Movie/TV Series/Comics or Video Game Page, or after creating this page if it doesn't already exist.
What do I have to write in Collection field?
It is a field used to regroup several Figures or Vehicles/Dioramas from a same Collection.
As an Example :
The "Doctor Who Figurine Collection" Collection regroups all the figures made by Eaglemoss from this collection.

It is a handy tool made to distinguish several Collections from a same franchise, but it is important to write exactly the same thing for each Figures of the same collection.
Do I always have to create a Movie/TV Series/Comics or Video Game page if I don't see it?
No, first you must have a Figure or Vehicle/Diorama to add. Then, some Figures are grouped by Franchise only.
As an Example :
Planet of the Apes in the Movies Section regroups Figures from each one of the Movies under this Franchise.

If the number of Figures becomes too big, some separations will be proposed.
For Example :
Star Wars (I, II, III)
Star Wars (IV, V, VI)
Why can't I directly modify an information on the Site or add pictures ?
To prevent problems only few people are allowed to edit the data of the site. However, you can propose modifications, new pictures in comments or create a new Figure/Vehicle/Diorama.